A world-first digital life training platform for children.

Intelligent | Immersive | Educational | Secure.

DiGii Social empowers 10-13-year-old children with skills and knowledge to prepare and protect them online.

It’s social media with training wheels.

A digital childhood comes with a unique set of challenges, changes and choices. Screen time, cyber-safety, and cyber-bullying are common concerns for parents and educators. Explore the DiGii Social solution.

The DiGii Social Solution

DiGii is the DiGiiTALL-Citizenship solution for upper primary school children and their parents.

  • User-responsive cyber-education
  • AI-based moderation of all content
  • Animated Tutorials to extend learning
  • Celebration of outstanding DiGiiTALL Citizenship
  • Curriculum of digital Challenges
  • Administrator and Teacher dashboard
  • Parent Platform of on-demand videos
  • National Curriculum aligned

DiGii Social adds value for everyone

Sam, Tim’s Principal

Investment in digital education of students, parents and teachers that improves child behaviour and empowers educators

Eliza, Tim’s Teacher

Saves time – every day. Valuable learning on DiGii Social means less time spent sorting out online issues in valuable class time

Kim, Tim’s Parent

Relief that digital-life education is covered and she and her child are empowered with knowledge and skills

Tim, Year 6

Time to chat with classmates during the school day, while learning at the same on a fun, immersive platform

Systematic, early, effective training of young people in their formative years lays the foundation for success in a digitally-complex world. Educating children, parents and educators provides a powerful digital safety-net. All children need DiGiiTal skills to survive and thrive online.


Device Ownership

Two thirds of primary school aged children own their own device or tablet


Cyber Bullying

The Headspace Poll (2019) report of Australian young people being cyberbullied


Kids' Screen Time

Average time on screens of 12-13 year old’s each week


Inappropriate Content

As viewed by ‘tweens’ –  with 28% of parents being
unaware of it

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