Alarming statistics needing urgent action


of 12-year-olds have at least two social media accounts


of teenage boys are exposed to web pornography


of teen girls are posting nude or semi-nude images


of youth suicides are directly linked to cyberbullying

Digital life education
done differently.

Children are spending an increasing amount of time online where they face big issues like cyberbullying, grooming and exposure to pornographic content. At DiGii Social, we believe in empowering children with experience-based education to create safe, civil and savvy digital citizens. This is a 21st Century solution for a 21st Century problem.

Training wheels for digital life

DiGii Social is a world-first training platform for children available at home and in schools. Parents and educators can be confident that while children interact in safe social networks, our clever Virtual Teacher is educating them on every keystroke using the latest in Artificial Intelligence. We teach children the skills to be safe, kind and responsible Digital Citizens through fun and play.

We’re on a mission to protect one million children through meaningful, progressive and nurturing real-time digital life learning experiences.

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