Will You Join Us in 2021 As An Early Adopter?

We’ve done it!  With 1000 children involved in our independent research trial and another 1000 who have joined us in Term 4 to round out our performance trial, we’ve proved we’re ready to launch our DiGii Social to early adopters in 2021.


2021 Subscription – Early Adopter Offer

Schools involved in our research trial, our performance trial and those who attended webinars and made enquiries have all shaped our 2021 launch of DiGii Social. We want to thank you for being part of that community with a special offer should you choose to subscribe in 2021.


2021 Early Adopter Subscription Rates

  • $25 per child (+ family)
  • $250 cash boost – use this to offset your own subscription cost or nominate to pay it forward to another school who would benefit from DiGii Social

2021 Subscription Inclusions

DiGii Social is an annual school subscription that can be used every day by students, and by educators to target specific personal and social capabilities, ICT and Health capabilities. Subscription includes: 

    • Children’s Platform and education resources
    • Educator Dashboard with metrics, Professional Learning and learning links
    • Administrator and Pastoral Care Staff Dashboards with access to all classes, their metrics and Professional Learning
    • Parent Platform with their own learning content, an overview of their child’s progress and learning links

    Can you Afford Not To?

    Yes, we all know that money is tight in school budgets and choosing where to put available dollars is a huge consideration. Firstly, we encourage you not to do this alone. Ask your parent support group to be part of the funding of this resource. While we’re building nature play playgrounds for our young ones, our big kids are playing in an entirely different playground – the online playground is a dangerous place to hang out for our unregulated and uneducated young people and the cost to schools and families is high.

    Now is the time to tackle children’s digital lives – a 21st Century problem, with a 21st Century solution.

    Next Steps

    Secure Your Subscription

    To secure your early adopter subscription in 2021 fill out the form below.

    Please Note: The $250 cash boost is only available to schools confirming their subscription by January 15, 2021.

    Ask A Question

    We’re here and happy to help. Get in contact by email at claire.orange@digiionline.com
    or call 0438 872 061.

    Would you like to organise a walk-through webinar for your staff or executive
    team? Easy – use the contact details above and let’s get a time sorted out.


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