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Cyber Safety Programs for Schools and Families

Can you afford not to take action now?

Children are spending an increasing amount of time online where they face big issues like cyberbullying, grooming and exposure to pornographic content. DiGii Social is on a mission to empower school students and families with skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe online. We believe every child has the right to a safe and secure internet experience, and we're working hard to ensure they have it.

Alarming statistics needing urgent action


of 12-year-olds have at least two social media accounts


of teenage boys are exposed to web pornography


of teen girls are posting nude or semi-nude images


of youth suicides are directly linked to cyberbullying

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A protected ‘first steps’ digital life environment where children can learn the skills to be safe, civil and savvy online. Fun and immersive digital life learning that leaves no digital footprint and teaches children while they play and interact with friends.

Our platforms use the latest in A.I. to monitor and moderate children’s picture and word content. It supervises and teaches them while they play. At home and in the classroom, children learn from their own interactions, drawing on evidence-based, expert knowledge on how to be safe, civil and savvy online.


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  • Cyberbullying & trolling
  • Inappropriate content & contact
  • Digital literacy & safety basics
  • Help seeking
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  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital empathy, kindness & inclusion
  • Racism, sexism, hate speech & profanity
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  • Clickbait, fake news & scams
  • Identity theft & over-exposure
  • Digital-life influence on movement, sleep, posture and eye health

Through learned behaviour, critical thinking, and interactive education, children learn how to be responsible digital citizens.

We're on a mission to protect

one million children

Through meaningful, progressive and nurturing
real-time digital-life learning experiences.

Join schools and parents worldwide
who are taking action

“DiGii Social provides an authentic and meaningful experience to learn the skills of digital citizenship in a safe and supported manner. DiGii Social is fun, engaging and real and the students love it!”

Katie P, Perth College, WA

“Thanks for making an amazing platform, I have only been using it for a week, and we haven’t gotten into the learning component yet, but the excitement from the kids and the lessons I can see they will soon learn, it will be very valuable for them.

Ben D, The Cathedral School, QLD

“The pupils in Year 6 were really excited about the idea of DiGii Social. They logged on and were immediately engaged. Very quickly, we saw the programme start to work. The pupils started watching the videos and taking the challenges to earn more DiGii points and it was great to see them have fun and learn really important lessons.“

Joanna C, Framlingham College, UK

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