About Us

What if we could prepare and protect every child online?

What if we could educate every child to be safe, civil and savvy online right from the start? What if we could create a generation of young people who know how to look after themselves and others online, who know how to avoid risk and threat, and who know how to be kind, respectful and responsible? Well, we can, and we are. At DiGii we believe that every child and their family have the right to learn the skills that not only keep them safe online but also lead to better mental and physical health and wellbeing outcomes. Our world-first DiGii@Home and DiGii@School platforms teach children in the way they learn best – through fun, play and practical application of skills in supported environments before taking them online.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to prepare and protect one million children through meaningful, progressive and nurturing real-time digital life learning experiences.

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Meet the team

Claire Orange

CEO, Co-Founder

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Doug Orange

Technical Lead & Co-Founder

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Steven Rushforth

General Manager

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Rosanna Blake

Education and Content Manager

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Maggie Dent

DiGii Social Ambassador

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Ashlee Harrison

DiGii Social Ambassador

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