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Not so many years ago, a young man, only 16, took his life in response to a cruel online hate campaign. He was loved. He was treasured. He was only a child with inadequate resources to deal with a situation so overwhelming, it felt insurmountable. And tragically, his story is not the only one. Every week we see the impact, the families left behind, the disbelief that self-harm or suicide can be the end-point of online interactions for young people.

It is every child’s right to learn the skills to enter digital life as well-protected and as safe as possible. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the number of ways children can – and do – engage online. With security settings and controls that change endlessly, new apps, new ways to hide those apps from parents, an array of confusing acronyms – it is fair to say that most parents are playing catch-up or throwing their hands in the air in resignation.

And school life has also taken a hit. Online issues spill over into school life – social and learning. Teachers and principals are swamped daily by an avalanche of concerns about online bullying, inappropriate content, inappropriate contact…

So, DiGii’s mission is to get in there, ahead of the legal age of 13 to set up social media accounts and to teach every child how to look after themselves and others online. It’s a big mission – but one so vital that lives are depending on it. We invite you to join us and to be a force for change, empowerment and digital-education of all our young people because they, and we, deserve nothing less.

Claire Orange

Director & Co-Founder

In 26 years a therapist, Claire knows that right now is the time we need to address the many challenges associated with online life for children. The need is urgent and critical. With an increase in on-screen time, she knows that parents are worried about giving their child a smartphone as they begin secondary school – or even before – because there’s a big world beyond that screen.

Raising four boys of her own and through her involvement with thousands of families, Claire has seen firsthand the devastation caused by poor digital choices, too much screen-time, cyberbullying, trolling and grooming of young people online. The solution – to train children in a secured and supported platform to be online-life ready and protected.

Claire is Channel 9 and 882-6PR’s resident wellbeing expert. She appears on screens and through radios across Australia every week, is a sought-after conference speaker, an R U OK? ambassador and is well-regarded as a passionate advocate for the wellbeing of children and their families.

Timothy Orange

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Timothy is a talented graphic designer. He has worked on a range of designs for many corporates and enjoys the challenge of communicating their unique message through his design work.

As a millennial, he gets the joys and challenges of online life – but then, he’s grown up as a Digital Native and he sees online life as an extension of real life. While he has experienced the joy of connecting with friends and family all over the world online – he also knows the perils because they play out in his social groups often.

Oversharing, placing a lot of importance on likes and shares, comparing life’s successes to others and having all of that stored as a permanent record – this is the world he’s grown up in and he’s committed to helping young people have a smoother and more informed journey into their online life rather than the trial and error approach of him and many of his peers.

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