Let’s take a look around


We’re looking forward to showing you around DiGii@School. Between now and your demo, please make the most of the resources we’ve gathered to give you a little more insight as to just how easy we’ve made teaching the skills of cyber safeguarding and digital wellbeing. These have also been sent to you by email. (Please add hello@digiionline.com to your contacts so that our emails land in your inbox.)

Teaching your lower primary students

Children in Years 1-4 have their own suite of fully resourced Lesson Plans. After each lesson has been taught and marked as complete, class progress against curriculum outcomes is updated and available as a printed report.
Each lesson is specifically crafted to engage young learners to practise essential skills that will improve their emotional self-regulation, their responsible decision-making and critical thinking and strengthen their empathy and moral choices.

Teaching your upper primary students

The DiGii Social live and immersive learning platform is first-in-the-world teaching technology, responsive to the student’s social and emotional choices. As Year 5 and 6 upper primary students interact with others in their class or year level, our clever AI Virtual Teacher educates them on each keystroke, guiding and shaping each interaction. Achievement against curriculum outcomes is available for each student and teachers have full access to all content and achievements.