Can you afford not to take action now?


DiGii@Home is the world’s first safe and most educational social networking platform that’s all about cyber safety for kids.

Understand the importance of DiGii@Home for families.

Can you afford not to take action now?

Big tech have failed to keep our children safe online.

It’s time for every parent to draw a line in the sand and take control of their children’s online safety. DiGii@Home gives you peace of mind when your child and their friends are interacting online.



of 12-year-olds have at least two social media accounts


of teenage boys are exposed to web pornography


of teen girls are posting nude or semi-nude images


of youth suicides are directly linked to cyberbullying

Safe first steps

DiGii@Home provides training wheels for digital life

Join us as we launch DiGii@Home, giving every parent the best way to manage their child’s first steps into digital life by creating safe and secure social networking groups in which education is front and centre. It’s like driving lessons for digital life before handing a child the keys to the internet and all of its content.

Take action!
Get in front of digital life with early education through fun and play

Empowering features

That stop endless nagging to get on socials

Allow your child to take their safe first steps protected by DiGii@Home’s AI based moderation which supervises while children play and interact. They’ll learn to be responsible, kind and safe digital citizens.

Your friends will thank you for an invitation to join DiGii@Home with their child too!

A lock icon for Safe social networks.

social networks

Invite your child’s friends into secure social networks where they can chat, play and learn.

A chat icon for Digital resilience.

Digital resilience, empathy
& wellbeing

Every action on DiGii@Home encourages and teaches digital civility and morality.

A book and magnifier icon for Learning library.


System activated digital life education on health, relationships and protection.

A shield icon for Build a trusted village.

Build a trusted

Invite 5 trusted adults to upskill and update their digital life knowledge and guidance.

A headphone icon or Technical support.


Our product specialists are on standby for troubleshooting, live demos and support.

A mic icon for Up-to-date expert advice.

expert advice

Digital life changes daily. We’re up-to-date so you will be too.

A lock icon for Safe social networks.


A closed, secure social network free from the threat of trolling and over-exposure.

A chat icon for Digital resilience.


Powerful AI monitors content - swearing, racism, exclusions, cyber bullying and more.

A bulb icon for Content consequences.


After 3 strikes, your child will watch a tutorial related to their chosen action.

Build your child’s trusted village

Invite five trusted grownups to join your child on DiGii@Home! Your child will get to experience the interactive communication they crave through traditional social media platforms, plus, grownups will get access to:

  • Our learning library on digital health, relationships, and protection
  • Up-to-date knowledge on digital platforms
  • Current expert advice on global digital issues affecting children

Maggie Dent is DiGii Social Ambassador.

“Every family needs DiGii@Home for their children to prepare them to be caring and responsible digital citizens. Digital life has the capacity to escalate a child’s potential or to crush it completely. DiGii@Home is an exciting way to teach children how to be capable, responsible digital citizens and I believe it will quite simply save precious lives.”Maggie Dent

We know it works!

DiGii@School is winning the hearts and minds of children and educators worldwide. Thousands of children are taking their first steps into digital life on DiGii@School, learning while they chat to friends in their class.

We’ve listened to parents and grandparents who want this powerful solution at home. Join us and get started on DiGii@Home.

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