Digital life education done differently.

DiGii@School is a unique, world first and evidence based program program designed by child mental health experts and teachers to help meet the demand for digital skill building as well as take the pressure off teacher’s workloads with curriculum aligned content.

We know children, as young as toddlers are interacting in the online world via screens, and pre-teens are putting themselves at risk of harm online and the impact of all this is spilling into classrooms

Introducing DiGii@School your cyber safety classroom resource!

Whole School Solution

Protecting ME in a Digital World

The early school years are synonymous with a child’s emerging sense of self in the wider world. Digital life competencies and capabilities are developmentally skewed towards ‘I’ being at the centre of learning.

Y1 & 2 differentiated lesson plans establish a firm foundation of digital safety and wellbeing by upskilling the child starting with self.

Learning Modules: (4 lessons / module / cohort)

I AM SAFE ONLINE: Early warning signs, rules & processes
I AM RESPONSIBLE ONLINE: Critical thinking and responsible decision making
I AM KIND ONLINE: Empathy for self and others
I AM STEADY ONLINE: Emotional self- regulation, calming down

Learning About US in a Digital World

The middle school years require regular own / school device use as part of learning. Increased independent device use at school and home contributes to a rise in social, emotional, and learning issues.

Y3 & 4 differentiated lesson plans explore expanding capabilities from self, to social, to global that prepare, protect, and prevent.

Learning Modules: (4 lessons / module / cohort)

ME ONLINE: Self-awareness and management
WE ONLINE: Social awareness and management
US ONLINE: Being part of the global digital community
THEM ONLINE: Managing threats and opportunities

Connecting Skills to Practice in a Digital World

In an increasingly digital world, it is critical for every child to learn the skills, attitudes and behaviours of digital citizenship, self-protection, and responsible use of technology.

For all year levels, digital safety and wellbeing is addressed explicitly in learning areas and in general capabilities.

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“DiGii Social provides an authentic and meaningful experience to learn the skills of digital citizenship in a safe and supported manner. DiGii Social is fun, engaging and real and the students love it!”

Katie P, Perth College, WA


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