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Looking for some more answers to your DiGii questions? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve answered all the biggest questions we can think of, but if you have another question you can’t find feel free to get in contact and we will help any way we can! 

Top Questions

Why are we training children for online life?
At some point, every child begins the training to cross the road safely – usually early in life, with the support and encouragement of a parent and one day they’ll use that same skill when they’re driving a vehicle. Well, social media is even more dangerous than learning to drive a car and yet many children set up social media accounts or chat while they game with no training at all. No idea about their digital health, about their social safety, about their online identity, how to protect themselves and to look out for friends.
Is a child's data stored?
Only for the school year that the child uses the platform. At the completion of the school year, all text and images for that year are deleted and only the data used to analyse the system’s effectiveness remains. That means we’ll store how many moderations were initiated, how these changed over time, what a child was moderated for, how many tutorials a child and parent watched. No child-specific data will be stored or shared.
How is DiGii secured?
It’s a big question and concern of every parent and teacher – the security of a child’s identity online. We take this very seriously at DiGii. Each school is provided with their own login and within that login, a child’s identity is created by the administrator. Only the children registered through the school’s registration can access the system and each school’s database of users is a silo. There is no integration between schools and no way to join or view the platform. And of course, we use the very latest in cyber-protection to protect the DiGii server and the identities of the schools and their logins. We encourage each school to set the availability of the DiGii platform to coincide with the beginning and end of the school day. That way, a child – or someone posing as that child – is unable to access the platform outside of school hours.
How are DiGii-5 and DiGii-6 different?
Year 5’s have a single Message Board and everyone is on it. Their profile picture is an avatar. No one is allowed to block another child and prevent them from seeing their posts.

Year 6’s have the opportunity to private message each other and to form chat groups. They are able to post a photo as their profile picture. Tutorial content focuses more on social and cyber-safety and managing inappropriate content.

The Curriculum

Does DiGii have links to the Australian Curriculum?
Yes! All over the world, Australia included, the digital education of a child is a growing concern. DiGii addresses curriculum requirements in the Health and Physical Education: Personal, Social & Community Health area as well under Digital Technologies and General Capabilities. You can download the Curriculum Links Factsheet here.

The Platform

What is DiGii all about?
DiGii Social provides upper primary school-aged children with a safe container to practise all of their online skills. We prepare children for so many aspects of life – like being drug aware, sun smart and road safe, but the most dangerous and unregulated part of 21 st Century childhood – being online – is often without adequate education. DiGii Social tutors a child on most aspects of online health and safety while they chat with friends. It’s current, fun and education. You can read more on the ‘Platform’ page here.
Can teachers see all the content?
Yes! In Year 5, all children chat together on a central Message Board and in Year 6 children are able to message each other privately. All picture and text content on DiGii Social is viewable by the classroom teacher and system administrator. And even though DiGii Social uses the latest in artificial intelligence, if language or a picture is posted that DiGii does not understand or is unsure about, it is also flagged for the teacher’s attention.
How does the moderation functionality work?
There are three sorts of moderations on DIGii Social. Firstly, Negative Moderations. We’ve applied the latest in Artificial Intelligence to moderate children’s text for bad language, exclusions, insults, hate speech, racism – anything that we know isn’t good for a child to be adding to their online profile and history without fully understanding the immediate and longer term consequences. After 3 Negative Moderations, a child is removed from the platform to watch a brief, related educational tutorial and they lose valuable privilege points called DiGiiTs. These points buy all sorts of rewards on DiGii Social. There are also Positive Moderations. After every 15-40 utterances that have not had a Negative Moderation results in a great big, on-screen ‘congratulations’ delight and privilege points are added to a child’s account. We want to recognise and encourage good DiGiiTal Citizenship.

Finally, Educational Moderations. These randomly pop up, every 25-65 utterances and prompt a child to think about aspects of their online interactions. They address the big issues of thinking before posting, looking out for friends, not posting while very emotional and being a DiGiiTal upstander. We hope that over a year, a child will see each educational Moderation a dozen times at least – and that will shape their online interactions when they’re interacting one day as a teenager.

Where do the challenges come in?
Year 5’s and Year 6’s have their own curriculum of Challenges that cover the big areas of Digital Health, Cyber-security, Social Safety, Social Identity and DiGiiTal Citizenship. There are more than 40 Challenges in each year group. It might be a poll, a picture, a video or a scenario that’s launched by the teacher or system that provokes a child to think about and respond to an issue. It might be about getting enough exercise and monitoring on-screen time, cyberbullying, fake news – there’s a whole bunch to choose from. The child who responds appropriately is awarded privilege points called DiGiiTs and the child who doesn’t respond or responds inappropriately is off to watch a brief educational tutorial.
What are the tutorials about?
Tutorials are brief educational animations with some video content that address 40+ issues for each age-group. These are the BIG issues that we want every child to know about and to know how to respond to before they need to apply that knowledge. They’re approximately 90 seconds each and a child must answer 3 out of 3 questions correctly to be able to return to chatting on the Message Board. It’s like having 40+ powerful lessons to teach DiGiiTal health, safety and security on hand – that appear as a result of Negative Moderations or when a teacher or system administrator launches a challenge. Awesome, immediate and protective learning.


Can I register my child without their school?
Sadly, no. DiGii is a school-secure platform where children only in either Year 5 or Year 6 can chat to children in their own class or year group. Every child’s safety is our uppermost concern and we can best protect and train them with their classmates.

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