The world's first safe & educational social networking platform for children

A protected social networking platform where children learn the skills to be safe, civil and savvy online with their friends.

DiGii@Home is a live and immersive platform that guides and supports children while they learn about online safety, grow their digital citizenship skills and builds their protective digital wellbeing skills and practices.

Invite their school, family, social and sporting friends into secure groups where posting picture and word content leaves no lasting digital footprint and every keystroke is monitored and managed by our clever AI Virtual Teacher. Your
tech-eager child learning in trusted hands!

How it works

The perfect place for digital life learning to happen.

Everyone learns on DiGii@Home – your child and the Village it takes to raise your child successfully.

We’ve created a safe space for learning to happen so that every child can confidently start their digital life journey protected by skills and knowledge and one where their big people can upskill too.

Safe first steps

Let’s start with Social@Home

While regular socials expose your child to the whole world, on DiGii@Home they start their learning journey safely with friends.

Invite school, social or sporting friend groups to add their child to a group specific social network where together, children can experience the thrill of chatting to their friends online, while our clever AI Virtual Teacher monitors, moderates and manages every interaction.

Empowering features

Powerful digital life education

AI based moderation supervises while children play and interact. They’ll learn to be responsible, kind and safe Digital Citizens.

Privilege points are needed to access the Fun Zone and Chat Zone and these are earned by engaging with the extensive library of child-centric tutorials in the Learning Zone. Expert content guides and shapes online behaviour – and because it’s digitally delivered and not by mum, dad or granny… it sticks!

Secure system

A closed, secure social network free from the threat of trolling and over-exposure.


Trusted monitoring

Powerful A.I. monitors content – swearing, racism, exclusions, cyberbullying and more.

Content consequences

After 3 strikes, your child will watch a tutorial related to their chosen action.

Safe social networks

Invite your child’s friends into secure social networks where they can chat, play and learn.

Digital resilience, empathy & wellbeing

Every action on DiGii@Home encourages and teaches digital civility and morality.

Learning library

System activated digital life education on health, relationships and protection.

Build a trusted Village

Invite 5 trusted adults to upskill and update their digital life knowledge and guidance.

Technical support

Our product specialists are on standby for troubleshooting, live demos and support.

Up-to-date expert advice

Digital life changes daily. We’re up-to-date so you will be too.

It takes a Village

Build your child’s
trusted Village.

Everyone in a child’s system of support benefits from digital life learning. Feelings of fear, frustration, helplessness and overwhelm driven by being out-of-touch with the next big thing in digital life can lead to a huge digital
generational divide.

Invite 5 trusted adults to join you – those who are part of your child’s safety net and are actively helping you to raise your child.

Change powerlessness to empowered through access to bite-sized, practical and non-shaming digital parenting advice with Claire.

Safe first steps

We’re drawing a line
in the sand

Bringing up children in the digital age poses a whole bunch of problems that our parents didn’t face.
We’re up against big tech, and like moths to a flame, our children are drawn into socials and gaming with all of the joys and all of the dangers too.
We’re inviting you to join us on this side of the line and to take back control of your child’s entry to digital life with DiGii@Home.

Pre-register today

Pre-registration for August release

We’re excited to welcome you to DiGii@Home. Register now – no credit card details needed yet – and we’ll be in contact as soon as we’re about to push the ‘go’ button.


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Pay by the month and have your first month on us.


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Pay for a year up front and you’ll get 2 months free anyway – and we’re throwing in another 4 months for our pre-registrations only.

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