21st Century Parenting with DiGii Social

Raising a safe and savvy little ‘digital native’ is something that every parent wants. Some of us are ‘digital dinosaurs’ who grew up in the time before screens dominated all aspects of life. Now, keeping across new apps, games and ways to connect online, monitoring security settings and screen-time is part of daily life.

DiGii Social is a powerful learning experience for you and your child. While your child learns about combating cyberbullying,  managing inappropriate content and contact, and how to be an outstanding DiGiTALL Citizen on their own platform, you have access to the Parent Platform that expertly teaches you to support and manage your young digital native.

50+ brief, on-demand videos give you an insight into digital parenting and helping your child to always be safe, moral and upstanding online.

 DiGii Social – powerful learning


DiGii Social expertly teaches your child:

  • How to be safe and secure online – the traps, pitfalls and opportunities
  • How to behave online through intelligently moderated interactions that allow for ‘failing forwards’ – making big mistakes and learning from them in a supported context
  • The skills for early help seeking that will protect them when online life gets difficult
  • How, when and who to report in online forums
  • How to look after themselves and others online and to recognise and manage challenging behaviours like cyberbullying and unwanted contact
  • How to look after their ‘forever’ digital reputation right from the start
  • How to take responsibility for their own screen-time  

And DiGii Social offers you:

  • The opportunity to see what tutorials your child has viewed – a good family discussion point
  • The opportunity to watch over 50 brief, on-demand videos that will help you to unpack the many complexities of your child’s online life
  • A growing library of downloadable  DiGii-Know fact sheets that stimulate family discussions and assist healthy boundary setting when it comes to screen-time and safety at home

The time is now

The reality is that your child is growing up in the Digital Age, and whether you choose to participate in that or not, your child will have little choice. Digital devices are part of most secondary school requirements. Technology is part of most workplaces. Digital devices, when used well, provide your child with a window to the world – of family, friends and information. But there is a lot of learning that needs to happen to adequately prepare a child for a safe and balanced online life – and the best time for that to happen is before your child can legally set up their own social media accounts. DiGii Social is a world first, safe container for your child to practise their online safety and social skills.

Get Involved

Get your parent support organisation involved – P&C, P&F or PTA. Why not approach your parent support body to ask for assistance in funding this vital DiGiiTal-life education in your school? Download the Information Guide to take to your school and encourage them to support you, your child and all the Year 5 and Year 6 families to be safe, educated and informed online. DiGii Social is a valuable investment in the digital protection and education of your child.

Subscription details

DiGii is purchased by your school on a per-student basis, with annual subscription including:

  • Child access to the DiGii Social platform
  • Access to 50+ Tutorials and Challenges
  • Parent (up to 4 registrations per child) access to 50+ on-demand videos and downloads
  • Teacher access to online Professional Learning modules
  • Teacher / Administrator access to platform metrics for reporting and accountability purposes