Parenting in the Digital Age

Raising a digitally safe, aware and responsible child is a concern for every parent – especially those who grew up in the time before screens dominated all aspects of life. Every day new apps, games and ways to connect online appear and keeping abreast of the security settings, the ways children interact and all the inherent dangers and distractions are mind-boggling.

Using the formative ‘tween’ years, between childhood and adolescence to expertly teach your child to understand the importance of managing their security online, to look out for cyber-bullying and trolling, to recognise and avoid clickbait advertising, to make good friendship choices and to remember that anything posted online forms a permanent and enduring record makes sense.

We protect our children through education and supported exposure to many other aspects of life, yet online life – by far the most dangerous for our vulnerable young people – has little focus and targeted meaningful education.

Well, that’s until now.


A DiGii subscription offers your child:

  • A safe and secure way for your child to learn all about being online – the traps, pitfalls and opportunities
  • Expertly and intelligently moderated interactions with classmates that allows for ‘failing forwards’ – making big mistakes now and learning from them in a supported context
  • Opportunities and encouragement to seek help early when online life gets difficult
  • A huge curriculum of engaging tutorials to guide and shape learning
  • You, as the parent, the opportunity to learn alongside your child through access to your own trouble-shooting tutorials and DiGii-know Fact Sheets
  • A fresh slate at the end of each year – that’s right, your child’s DiGii interactions are completely deleted at the end of each year with no child-specific data retained

And a DiGii subscription offers you:

  • The opportunity to see what tutorials your child has viewed – a good family discussion point
  • The opportunity to watch over 40 brief videos that will help you to unpack the many complexities of your child’s online life
  • The ability to download DiGii-Know fact sheets that stimulate family discussions and assist healthy boundary setting when it comes to online time at home

Don’t delay

The reality is that your child is growing up in the Digital Age, and whether you choose to participate in that or not, your child will have little choice. Digital devices are part of most secondary school requirements. Technology is part of most workplaces. Digital devices, when used well, provide your child with a window to the world – of family, friends and information. But there is a lot of learning that needs to happen to adequately prepare a child for a safe and balanced online life – and the best time for that to happen is before your child can legally set up their own social media accounts. DiGii is a world first, safe container for your child to practise their online safety and social skills.

Get Involved

Get your parent support organisation involved – P&C, P&F or PTA. Why not approach your parent support body to ask for assistance in funding this vital DiGiiTal-life education in your school? Add your details below and we’ll send you an information pack you can take to your school to encourage them to support you, your child and all the Year 5 and Year 6 families to be safe, educated and informed online.e, yet online life – by far the most dangerous for our vulnerable young people – has little focus and targeted meaningful education.


DiGii is purchased through schools on a per-student basis, with an annual subscription including:

  • Child registration on the DiGii platform
  • Child access to 40+ tutorials and challenges
  • Parent access to 40+ online tutorials and downloads
  • Teacher access to online Professional Learning modules
  • Teacher / Administrator access to platform metrics for reporting and accountability purposes

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