Curriculum-aligned digital-life education

Digital-life has added layers of complexity to school life and behaviour management. Dealing with child (and parent) behaviour stemming from social media use flows into classrooms and playgrounds and is thief of teaching time.

DiGii Social is an investment in the digital health and wellbeing of Year 5 and 6 students that ticks the boxes of being easy to implement, aligned to National Curriculum outcomes and a fun and immersive educational solution.

Platform Opportunities

For students: An immersive social-media like experience for Year 5 and Year 6 children

For parents: Access to brief and specific self and child-centric digital education

For teachers: Access to a full curriculum of digital challenges for children, professional learning videos

For administrators: Access to cumulative and comparative behaviour change data

Platform Security

School Day Access: Set DiGii Social to be available only during the school day.

Per School Access: Administrator allocation of access to students, teachers and nominated support staff on posting platform. Each school and each class have its own security protocols.

Parent Access: 24-hour access to the parent education platform. No access to the child platform.

Curriculum Aligned

Every school is required to address the digital competency and wellbeing of children. DiGii is aligned with the National Curriculum’s competency requirements across Personal, Social and Community Health, Digital Technologies, Personal and Social Capabilities and Protective Education.

Using DiGii Social

DiGii Social uses the ‘moments in-between’ to add powerful learning – good news for schools groaning under the burden of curriculum requirements. It can be used just like any social media – a quick scroll before school as children come in and get set up, in the spare minutes after finishing a lesson, when children have finished ahead of others – great times for children to jump onto DiGii Social and catch up on the latest in class-life.

The beauty of DiGii Social is that the ‘moments-inbetween’ collectively bring about profound behaviour change. These moments, and hopefully some additional blocks of time on DiGii Social, will bring out the best… and worst… in children. And we want to make sure that if the gnarly online stuff happens – that it happens on DiGii Social where we can catch, moderate and educate a child’s online behaviour – repeatedly until they get the message.


There are a library of 50+ digital-learning provocations that the teacher or administrator is able to launch onto the Message Board of all children. The curriculum is extensive, covering topics in DiGiiTal Health, DiGiiTal Security, Social Relationships, Social Safety, Social Identity and DiGiiTal Citizenship – and these change from Year 5 to Year 6.


On DiGii Social, children earn and lose points relative to their online behaviour. These points, called DiGiiTs buy privileges – for themselves and for others. DiGiiTs are used to motivate and reward outstanding DiGiiTal citizenship and are removed if a child is negatively moderated. DiGiiTs also feature on the Parent Platform, where watching a video adds valuable DiGiiTs to their child’s account. We know, and harness, the power of the nagging child!

Parent Engagement

We know that every school wants, and needs, actively engaged parents. DiGii Social provides a vital digital-life education portal for parents to access bite-sized, accurate information on helping their child – and themselves – to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence in managing themselves and their child online.


DiGii Social is purchased by schools on a per-student basis, with an annual subscription including:

  • Child access to the DiGii Social platform
  • 50+ educational animated Tutorials and Challenges
  • Parent access to 50+ on-demand brief videos and downloads
  • Teacher access to online Professional Learning modules
  • Teacher / Administrator access to platform metrics for reporting and accountability purposes

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