Curriculum-aligned, immersive digital-life education


DiGii Social provides you with an evidence-based, immersive cyber education experience for your Year 5 and 6 students. Juggling all the demands of the curriculum and squeezing in ESSENTIAL cyber social and emotional wellbeing is stressful. Well, it was up until now.

DiGii Social is your virtual cyber education teacher, giving students a safe ‘sandbox’ to practise their digital life safety, civility and savviness skills. We meet and exceed cyber education, social and emotional wellbeing and digital technologies requirements aimed at preparing and protecting children in their digital lives inside and outside the classroom.

What does DiGii Social offer?


We make cyber education easy; easy to get going, easy to use and easy to share. We’ll send you a datasheet and then upload your students and you’re ready to go. Students login and start to learn as they play, parents are invited to access their own learning portal, and all nominated staff get access to their own dashboard with summarised metrics, opportunities to schedule learning and a valuable window into the often hidden cyber-social lives of their students.

Subscription includes:


  • Full access to the interactive student, teacher and parent platforms
  • Monthly fully resourced Lesson Plans
  • DiGii Social specific Lesson Plans
  • Monthly educational content to share with parents
  • School media kit for updating website and socials
  • Student mental health and wellbeing assessment tool (coming April 2022)
  • Internationally recognised CPD educator courses (coming July 2022)
  • Fortnightly on-platform live ‘Digital Life Lessons’ for students (coming April 2022)
Maggie Dent - DiGii Social

Maggie Dent – Parenting Guru & Ambassador

“DiGii Social teaches our pre-adolescents how to be capable, responsible digital citizens and I believe it will quite simply save precious lives. 

Every primary school needs DiGii Social.

Curriculum Aligned

Globally, every school is required to address the digital competency and wellbeing of children. DiGii Social’s educational  content is extensive and delves into all aspects of cyber social and emotional wellbeing, online safety, and media literacy. There’s everything from screen-time, sleepovers and device complexities, dealing with inappropriate content and contact, becoming scam-proof and of course, dealing with cyber abuse including cyberbullying and trolling. 

DiGii Social is a fun and immersive way to open learning opportunities for children that might otherwise be left to chance.

How schools are using DiGii Social?

DiGii Social uses the ‘moments in-between’ to add powerful learning – good news for schools groaning under the burden of curriculum requirements. It can be used just like any social media – a quick scroll before school as children come in and get set up, in the spare minutes after finishing a lesson, when children have finished ahead of others – great times for children to jump onto DiGii Social and catch up on the latest in class-life.

The beauty of DiGii Social is that the ‘moments-inbetween’ collectively bring about profound behaviour change. These moments, and hopefully some additional blocks of time on DiGii Social, will bring out the best… and worst… in children. And we want to make sure that if the gnarly online stuff happens – that it happens on DiGii Social where we can catch, moderate and educate a child’s online behaviour – repeatedly until they get the message.

Endless, seamless learning on DiGii Social

On DiGii Social, children can be organised into classes or year groups – it’s completely up to you. All students share a Message Board where they can post words and pictures. Just like regular social media, children get to like, share and comment on others’ posts.

Virtual Teacher

Humming away in the background is our Artificial Intelligence that analyses and moderates picture and word content. Mean, rude, racist – we’ll catch it and our little character DiGii will pop up with a message, educating the child on their choice – and a better one.

We call these moderations ‘Strikes’ and after 3 Strikes a child is off to watch a brief educational Tutorial related to their moderated behaviour. Before heading back to the Message Board or Zones, 3 questions must be answered correctly. The Virtual Teacher hangs out in every area of the platform, ready to offer feedback and education.

Positive behaviour support

By the time most students are in the upper years of primary school, their exposure to ‘life’ through the internet is expansive. That often means age inappropriate knowledge and behaviours sneak in – toilet talk, peer playground education and nasty messaging on school-based chat platforms can blow up quickly into challenging situations.

DiGii Social gives a window into the often hidden lives of children online, providing teachers with early warning signs when a student is struggling socially or emotionally – either with their peers or with content that they might have been exposed to.

DiGiiTs are the on-platform currency that reward good behaviour and are lost for repeated Moderations and students are trained in help seeking, being rewarded for asking for help for self and others right at the beginning of the issue arising.

The Learning Zone

There are 50+ Tutorials in the Learning Zone – 90 second animations that teach a digital life skill that builds a child’s safety, civility or savviness online. Students LOVE the Tutorials and when they watch them, they add valuable DiGiiTs to their bank. 

QuiZii is an interactive learning experience that students play solo and in dyads to build mastery in socially complex areas like sleepovers and hangouts, e-friendships, IM’s, DM’s and chats. Each area is supported by it’s own Tutorial – so there’s learning everywhere!

The Fun Zone

Lots of children game and sometimes the effect of that gaming ends up as classroom tiredness and social inclusion or exclusion based on who does and who doesn’t. There are quick-play games on DiGii Social that provide children with valuable learning to intiate the game as well as a range of Tutorials specific to gaming – like, “Is it OK to use my parent’s credit card if it’s only a couple of bucks…” or, “Is gaming addicition real?” Doxxing, in-game bullying, gang-ups and leave-outs… we’ve got it covered.

The Chat Zone

The anonymity of the screen changes children’s empathy levels significantly, and learning the etiquette and self-protective skills needed on chat-based apps is essential. In the Chat Zone, children have to spend valuable DiGiiTs to buy chat credits and they have access to ‘Chatorials’ – helpful Tutorials that explore the socially complex world of chatting online. The Virtual Teacher works in this Zone too! We call it ‘private’ chat – but teachers have full visibility to this content.


There are a library of 50+ digital-learning provocations that launch automatically or they can be scheduled by the teacher or administrator to align with other learning content. The curriculum is extensive, covering topics in Digital Health, Digital Security, Social Relationships, Social Safety, Social Identity and Digital Citizenship – and these change from Year 5 to Year 6.

Training help seeking

This is perhaps, the most important learning on DiGii Social. We all know that children often don’t ask for help in their digital lives for fear of having their device confiscated – or because they feel ashamed of what they’ve seen, posted or participated in. Every child’s protective behaviours are enhanced when they know how, who, when and where to ask for help. We teach young Digital Citizens to ask for help early and effectively for themselves and for friends, to think about how urgent their help request is, and to think carefully about their chosen help source. On DiGii Social, when a child asks for help, the system responds and sends all teachers connected to that class a notification of the request.


Parent Engagement

We know that every school wants, and needs, actively engaged parents. DiGii Social provides a vital digital-life education portal for parents to access bite-sized, accurate information on helping their child – and themselves – to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence in managing themselves online. Every time a parent watches a video, their child gets DiGiiTs – and up to 4 parents/caregivers have access.


DiGii Social is purchased by schools on a per-student basis, with an annual subscription including:

  • Child access to the DiGii Social platform
  • 50+ educational animated Tutorials and Challenges
  • Parent access to 50+ on-demand brief videos and downloads
  • Teacher access to online Professional Learning modules
  • Teacher / Administrator access to platform metrics for reporting and accountability purposes