Tackling cyber education differently

Our AI powered interactive and immersive learning platform delivers curriculum-aligned cyber education for Year 5 and 6 students that builds their digital literacy, resilience and protective behaviours.

It’s vital education before children go too far on social media.

DiGii Social is so much more than regular cyber education. We teach pre-teen children to be safe, resilient and kind online. There’s a big world on the other side of that screen, and knowing how to manage the good, the bad and the ugly matters.

Let DiGii Social do the heavy lifting

Teachers have competing demands. Parents have busy lives. Teacher or parent – we all know the obstacles that get in the way of comprehensively safeguarding our young ones online.

DiGii Social is the simple solution. It revolutionises cyber-education, providing pre-teens with a fun and engaging way to safely practise their digital safety and civility skills without leaving behind a messy digital footprint.

DiGii Social saves teachers’ time – in teaching cyber education and sorting out the challenging behaviours that erupt from interactions online.

At DiGii Social we…

Teach and embrace the power of the internet with all it’s fun, friendships and learning.

Provide children with a safe space to do messy learning

Believe that children learn best through play and experiential learning

Understand teachers’ competing demands and we do the heavy lifting with our virtual teacher

Go above and beyond the curriculum in teaching children to be safe, civil and savvy online

Empower the child’s village with all stakeholders having their own educational platform

A 21st Century solution to a 21st Century problem

Students in Year 5 and 6 are in the vulnerable pre-teen years with an increase in peer influence, complicated by online exposure. DiGii Social’s world first comprehensive cyber education solution is a safe and  experience-based protective platform for the modern classroom that saves time – and lives.



  • Cyberbullying & trolling
  • Inappropriate content & contact
  • Digital literacy & safety basics
  • Help seeking



  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital empathy, kindness & inclusion
  • Racism, sexism, hate speech & profanity



  • Clickbait, fake news & scams
  • Identity theft & over-exposure
  • Digital-life influence on movement, sleep, posture and eye health

Join schools worldwide who are taking action

“DiGii Social provides an authentic and meaningful experience to learn the skills of digital citizenship in a safe and supported manner.  DiGii Social is fun, engaging and real and the students love it!”

Katie P

Perth College, WA

“Thanks for making an amazing platform.  The excitement from the kids and the lessons they learn, are very valuable.”

Ben D

The Cathedral School, QLD

“The Year 6 pupils were immediately engaged. Very quickly, we saw the programme start to work.  It was great to see them have fun and learn really important lessons. “

Joanna C

Framlingham College, UK

Systematic, early, effective training of young people in their formative years lays the foundation for success in a digitally-complex world. Educating children, parents and educators provides a powerful digital safety-net. All children need DiGiiTal skills to survive and thrive online.

Alarming statistics needing urgent action


2+ Social media accounts

By the age of 12



Experienced firsthand or as a bystander


Inappropriate content

13 year old boys have encountered pornographic content


Knowledge of sexting

Of peers sharing self-generated nudes

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DiGii Social is a world-first digital training platform all about cyber safety for kids. Empowering school students and families with skills & knowledge to keep them safe online.

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