Fundraising with a difference

DiGii@Home is a world-first way for families to keep children safe online while taking those first wobbly steps into digital life. It’s all about internet safety for kids.

Using DiGii@Home as your fundraiser means that together we can make a significant and lasting difference in the digital safety and well-being of our children.

Cyber safety programs for kids in school by DiGii Social.
Why Your Family Needs DiGii@Home

How does it work?

DiGii@Home provides a socially conscious and meaningful way to make money for your Parent Association.

10% of any annual subscription to DiGii@Home is returned to your Association when a parent/guardian uses your unique identifier code at checkout.

The cashback is calculated and returned each quarter to your school for any subscription using your Association’s code. (Get started with a minimum of 30 subscriptions.)


We’ve done the hard work for you

Volunteers are busy people – we get it so, we’ve made it easy to get going by creating:

  • a flyer to share with your parent community
  • social media tiles to help with promotion
  • a poster you can print and display around the school

Simply fill in the form below and Steve (yep, that’s his trustworthy mug) will send your getting started package. We’re looking forward to welcoming your Parent Association and providing your young digital citizens with the best start to digital life.

Steven Rushforth, General Manager at DiGii Social.

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