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I caught you looking at naughty pics - now what?

Welcome! At DiGii Social we’re all about digital life education that’s fun, inclusive and practical. If you’re a member of DiGii@Home, you’ll get all of these parent webinars and so much more learning on tap.

I’m your host on these webinars – Claire Orange – and with raising 4 boys of my own and 30 years of clinical practice, I get just how challenging some moments in parenting can be. And when we add that little screen into the mix – it gets even trickier! Our webinars are full of reassurance, tips and tricks and practical advice and resources – so get watching and if there’s a hot topic you’d like covered, let us know HERE.

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Compare and despair in online life (Parents)

Tuesday, 29 September 2023 18:00am WST

Past Events


ADHD, impulsivity and digital life wobbles!

Impulsivity. Hyperfocus. Two of the crowning characteristics of ADHD that crash into the digital life of the neurodiverse child. Online life is fast paced, attention grabbing and encourages responding before thinking. This is pretty much everything we work against with our children who already struggle with attention, thinking before acting or speaking and becoming hyperfocused on one thing to the exclusion of all else. So, what's the gently, gently, well-boundaried approach to guiding our children with a diagnosis of ADHD to make good choices, to think before posting and to know when enough is enough? Join Claire to explore the brain and behaviours of the child with ADHD and how we need to manage their digital life to avoid unintended disasters.


Understanding the irritable, snippy, easy-to-tears after screen time' kid

Why is it that some children are the moth to the flame with a screen and yet it turns them into a nasty ghastly creature afterwards while others seem to be relatively immune? Well, some children are reactive to sugar and colours in food and similarly, others are reactive to content and stimulation on screen. Join Claire and explore why some children are highly impacted by screen time and what to do about it without having to throw the device out the window.


Friends who bully friends online

There is little worse than knowing that your child is in a toxic friendship online where another child holds some sort of magic power to dish out the nastiness while still managing to keep your child's loyalty. Over time it sucks the happiness and trust out of your child and has a significant flow over into family life. The saying that you're only as happy as your least happy child is often true. Cyberbullying by a friend online is embarrassing, hurtful, hard to understand and very hard to stop unless you know how to teach your child the skills to recognise it for what it is and then to bring it to a swift end. This experience is very damaging for any child, so teaching the skills before they're needed is a powerful prevention and management strategy. Join Claire for a deep dive into children's digital relational aggression, it's causes and management strategies.


Boys and gaming misogyny (Steven & Isaac - Confirmed)

Fast paced, boy dominated gaming environments can be tricky places for girls to hang out. More often than not girls hide their identity to prevent the highly sexualised, demoralising, masochistic behaviours that can follow. No, not every girl and not every gaming environment, but it's a reality that exists and needs exploration. Join Claire ,her son Steven and his gaming mate Isaac of 'The Goldfish Academy', for a first hand account of what happens and what parents can do to protect their daughters who game.


Matching your child's BYOD with BYBN - Bring Your Best Netiquette

The shiny device has been purchased and it's making it's way into the school bag, ready for a year of being used solely for educational purposes... Oh, come on, let's get real! We've just added another complication to parenting that some of us simply aren't ready for. Let's cover the essential readiness skills that you and your child need to make sure that the little device doesn't become the big family happiness detonator. There's a preparatory art to 'netiquette' that Claire will share so that everyone heads into the new year digitally prepared and protected.