Lesson Plans


Safer Internet Day

A lesson for Safer Internet Day. Exploring potential safety pitfalls online and how we can avoid these.


A lesson to help children identify what cyberbullying is, what we can do about it and how to report it.

DiGii Think

A lesson to help children identify what is appropriate to share online and what isn’t using the acronym THINK.

Screen Time

A plan to consider the impacts of screen-time on mental and physical health and the benefits that can be found from green time.

Tricked by Clickbait

A lesson to help children to understand what clickbait is and why we need to avoid it.

Online friendships

A lesson to help children understand online friendships – the good and the dangerous.

Password Security

A lesson to help children understand that their password is their padlock.

Digital Fair Go (NAPCAN)

A lesson building children’s awareness of ways to be protected online.

Viewing Inappropriate Content

A lesson to help children understand age-inappropriate content they might have viewed by searching, or have seen inadvertently, or be exposed to through playground chatter.

Protective Boundaries

This lesson helps children to understand and action boundaries around their availability and exposure online. Knowing how to say ‘no’ is an important self-protective skill – one best learned early.

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