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Welcome! At DiGii Social we’re all about digital life education that’s fun, inclusive and practical. If you’re a member of DiGii@Home, you’ll get all of these parent webinars and so much more learning on tap.

I’m your host on these webinars – Claire Orange – and with raising 4 boys of my own and 30 years of clinical practice, I get just how challenging some moments in parenting can be. And when we add that little screen into the mix – it gets even trickier! Our webinars are full of reassurance, tips and tricks and practical advice and resources – so get watching and if there’s a hot topic you’d like covered, let us know HERE.

Dealing with dishonest digital behaviour

Porky pies, fibs and stretching of the truth – every child at some point will bend the truth to their own gain, some more than others. When online life enters the equation, lying can be about screen time, about behaviour online, about sneaking a device and about what apps are really being accessed. When you catch your child in a digital deception it can shatter your trust and make taking sensible and not outrageous next steps tricky. Let’s talk about how we all feel when we catch our children out and add some strategies that help to restore the balance, the peace and the boundaries.

The good, the bad and the ugly of gaming

Gaming gets a bit of a bad rap – usually obsession, addiction and ruination closely follow mentioning that you’re a gamer. There’s a lot to understand about the good and the challenging of young ones and gaming and how best to manage that as a parent.  What’s acceptable and even helpful when it comes to gaming? What helps to get and keep it under control? What are the red flags and what can be done?

Childhood digital meanness, social dramas & cyberbullying

Social meanness and abuse in all its forms is a part of growing up that few children escape from without experiencing. Yet, some children seems to be on the receiving end more often than their peers and for those doing the doing, some go further, for longer and with much more intensity that their peers.

When your child is on the receiving end of any of this escalating online anti-social behaviour, lots of hurt and heartbreak can follow. And when it’s your child who’s the perpetrator, there’s a gut-sinking feeling of being the worst parent in the world.

In this webinar, let’s take a look at the reasons why this behaviour happens, the emotional experience of the receivers and the dealers, and explore some protection and prevention strategies for both.

Dealing with ‘attitude’ from your child about digital life

Dealing with your young person’s attitude when trying to manage their digital life is exhausting. In this webinar we explore:

– What’s age appropriate push back and what needs boundaries
– How to wrangle your young person when they actually do know 1 billion times more about digital life than you but they’re so very life inexperienced
 – Parenting practices for tweens and young teens that teach the skills for taking responsibility and owning consequences of choices for digital life

Dealing with your tween’s digital FOMO

Digital FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very real anxiety for young people, and can result in behaviour outbursts when not managed correctly.

In this webinar we cover:
– Understanding what digital FOMO is as a parent
– How to guide your children through these feelings
– Strategies on how to manage FOMO in your household

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