The Platform

DiGii Social provides Year 5 and 6 children with an engaging and educational social-media-like experience where the expectation of complex learning allows for, and encourages, failing-forwards. When children engage in real social-media life, their interactions form an always and forever, often unfortunate, one-day-employer-accessible digital résumé.

On DiGii Social, clever application of technology allows and guides a child through what is often messy learning about establishing their identity online – a springboard for online life.

DiGii Social is a transformative cyber-education tool that is school-secured and aligned to the National Curriculum outcomes.

Through interactions, Moderations, prompts, Challenges and Tutorials, every child is guaranteed to learn skills vital to their lifelong DiGiiTal health, personal and social safety. As an educational tool, DiGii’s child platform is only available to students during the school day and is secure within each school, with no outside access – even by parents. A Parent Dashboard is available round-the clock, with no access to the children’s platform.

Step-by-step guidance

With every keystroke and upload to the platform, children are guided to understand the impact of their content – for themselves and others. They’re tutored on how to seek help, report and manage digital challenges with friends and others.


The latest in Artificial Intelligence scrutinises posts for socially, societally and age-inappropriate content. The ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ rule means watching a Tutorial related to your action, before returning to chat.

Educational Prompts

Randomised reminders about good DiGiiTal citizenship – including thinking before posting THINK, being a DiGiiTal Upstander CHAMP, managing big feelings WAIT and looking out for friends KLUE. Remember – remind and reinforce = returns!

Celebrating ‘Standing DiGiiTALL’

Randomised system-delights at outstanding DiGiiTal Citizenship with a sprinkling of DiGiiTs (privilege points) thrown in.

Challenges and Tutorials

Challenges are system generated learning that every child must participate in to extend their learning. They’re fun and teach children 50+ digital-life skills.

Tutorials are amazing little animations that cover everything from the importance of green-time (outside and off-screen), managing screen-time, right through to identifying and reporting clickbait, inappropriate contact and content. These comply with, and align to, the National Curriculum outcomes and there are 50+ Tutorials to learn from.


DiGii Social has its own economy, where points are awarded for great DiGiiTal Citizenship and are removed for poor online behaviour. These points are called DiGiiTs and they buy all sorts of privileges on the platform. Banks of stickers, GIFs, banners and filters can be purchased as a return for good online behaviour. To replicate the many complexities of online social comparisons and competitions, children are also able to use their DiGiiTs to buy privileges and gifts for others. On DiGii Social’s supportive platform, as children secure friendships and favours with the trading of privileges and presents, they’re taught about how this may impact others. Essential early learning for later online life.


Children can report all forms of content on the platform. Some Challenges encourage a child to Report and not respond and children can also report friends’ content if they judge the content to be inappropriate, hurtful or worrying. Knowing how and when to report is an essential online protective behaviour.


On DiGii Social, there is regular reinforcement for children to reach out for help when they need it. There are a number of ways a child can ask for help on DiGii Social, not only in terms of platform functionality but also when a friend needs help or maybe they need help themselves. DiGii Social is always ready to help. Traning a child to seek help is one of the strongest most protective skills we can give them ahead of teen-life. We encourage every child (and their parent) to visit the eSafety Commissioner’s website to extend the safety net of support.

Parent Dashboard

Parent Tutorials – brief videos exploring a specific area of DiGiiTal health, safety, legalities and social relationships.

DiGii-Know Fact Sheets – brief, comprehensive content coverage on a specific aspect of online life.

Class Metrics – access to class statistics

Teacher Dashboard

All areas access – ability to view, moderate or terminate posts.

Professional Learning – both platform and DiGiiTal-life related.

Class metrics and moderations – access to class statistics.

Challenges – curriculum of easy-to-launch provocations on all aspects of DiGiiTal health, safety and social relationships.

Administrator Dashboard

All areas access – ability to view, moderate or terminate posts.

Professional Learning – both platform and DiGiiTal-life related.

All areas metrics and moderations

Certificates and challenges – reward individuals or classes for outstanding DiGiiTal Citizenship and join in with jokes and riddles.